Pandora Hearts: Episode 15

October 9, 2009

“Hold me tight Konna omoi nara…”


Ok obviously I’m not going by my pervious post anymore. XD

Ever since I watched the ending for the PH anime, I am still not content and want more PH fandom. Despite being satisfied with the ending of the anime (despite the many plot holes and it being an OE).

On the plus side, we still have 7 more of the omakes to come out.

So I will blogg the rest of PH, so my next….10 + posts will be PH.

Then I will blog my recent SC obsession eppys (and try to be more faithful to blogging once “Party” starts.


Due to me being on a blogging spree, and everyone should know what happens in this by now I won’t be putting any summeries in anymore.


I’m so happy with this episode. Not only did we get OzxAlice, OzxGil but I even got more JackxGil and many many more shippings!!! <333

There isn’t many pairings in PH that I don’t ship in some form or way. XD

I nearly died fangirling at our percious OzxGil scene, and GOD I WANT MORE JACKxGIL!!!! <333 T___T

Oz going psycho was epic!…And slightly scary…o_o;;

I felt bad for Alice in this…T_T. First she was killed, then chained…but then Oz made it better! =D

Ending was well…LAWL. XD


Um ok wtf? Last episode the blood was on Alice’s tummy…not her face. =___=;;

Oh shi—-

NOOO!!! Oz….T_T He’s in so much pain! *Clicks damn clock*

Oz: “OUCH!”


Oz must have gained a lot of weight…xD

AWWWWW!!! Little Alice is so cute! x3

I love how they showed a peice of a memory as a shard of depree(sp?). XD

People love to touch Gil don’t they? Seriously their hands are everywhere! XD

JackxGil FTW!!! Honestly, if OzxGil never happens and Gil is to end up with a guy…I want it to be Jack. Despite knowing that it’s humanly impossible. XD

Also…does anyone else find this scene is freakishly like the OzxGil scene in eppy 7?

Even Jack knows Oz is way more precious to Gil then he ever was. But part of me thinks that, Jack may have also been reffering to himself here as well as Oz.

It’s almost like Jack wants Gil to somehow stop Jack from doing something, or wanted him to all those years ago.

Well you and Chesire may not get along, but you and Gil certianly do. I mean…you both hate cats. XD

Yeah Break way to provoke him. With the one person he doesn’t want to be compared to next to you. XD

Meanwhile THIS is happening! T___T





…Well…Someone had to do it. -shot- XD

OMG honestly Jack! You find this funny!?….Of course you do. XD

Gil: “….Ok. Now is the time to do it.”

Oz: “…Do what?”


ZOMG!!! First time Gil ever called Alice by her actual name! OoO YAYZ!!!

GilxAlice moment mixed in with OzxGil = WIN

It’s not just hands touching Gil…He touches others too! ;D


*Fangirl screams* *Hearts flutter around* *Sparkles happen* *Romantic music starts playing*

Ok seriously…HOW THE HELL WOULD YOU EVEN KNOW THAT!? Your not there!!!

Unless your Dormouse allows you to somehow see through another person or something then I have no idea.

However…in my last post, little Vincent did seem well aware that Oz was there, and “delibertally” led him to Alice. Maybe big Vincent was seeing the situation through his past self?

*Posts up a giant sign saying…*


DEMAND! More hugging, clinging, snuggling and anything kinky you can add in for OzxGil for Pandora Hearts!

We will NOT take “no” for an answer, or you shall fear our wrath as we lock you up with a homosexual pervert you straight man!

One word to describe this scene. “KAWAIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!” <333

Even if the attention did for a moment switch to Alice, it was still one of the best OzxGil moments EVER in the series!!! <333

You notice Gil keep touching Oz? ;D

Ok like WTFH!? I didn’t even notice this the first time but…WHY IS JACK’s DEAD BODY THERE!? o___O

It kinda freaked me out….then agian this is a place created by Alice’s memories…and she has memories of the Abyss where everyone was sucked into…so….

*Posts up another poster that says…*

The fangirls are PLEASED. =D

Now give us more.

Awww poor Alice….T___T

Yeah sorry to say this Oz but…no shit.

I think he just listed everything Kath thinks about Alice. XD

And now he listed everythign Mel thinks about Alice. XD

…And were back to Kath. XD

Oh sure. It’s just like Alice to only wake up to the sound of an insult. XD


And Alice’s response is…

…Yep just like Alice. XD

More with the lovey dovey OzxAlice action when….

Oz is side-tracked by is lovey hunk of a sevant (who wouldn’t be? ;D). -shot- XD

I have no idea why but this scene made me laugh when I watched it for the first time. XD

Me: “I WANT GIL TO CATCH ME TO!!!” *jumps into air*

*Gil ignores me*

*I fall*

Me: T___T

LAWL I phail. XD

Awwww look at our little 3-some! ❤

Damnit that came out wrong. XD

And just when things are looking down for our trio…


*Throws the script at Break*

Me: “BREAK! I said a HERO! not a clown! Where’s Jack!?”

Break: “He’s tired up at the moment.” O=3

Me: “……”


Thankyou Oz for pointing that tid bit out. XD

Poor Gil, he can’t escape the cats even if his life depended on it.

Break….that almost sounded like you were saying Chesire WAS attractive before.

BreakxChesire anyone? ;D

Awwww poor chessy…T_T

1.) BEAUTIFUL OzxGil scene! ❤
2.) It oddly reminds m of Romeo and Juliet…”star-crossed lovers”. XD

And they get swallowed up by the space time contineum.

Are they gonna meet Doc and Marty along the way? XD

Random WTF face FTW! XD

I spy a Barma. XD


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  1. AWESOME!!!
    i love thess posts!!!
    ~^.^~ YAY

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